Protect from Wildfire

Reduce the Chance of a Wildfire

Wildfires can be extremely dangerous. They can get out of control quickly and last for days. The resulting wildfires can also become costly to landowners when they destroy structures, fences, trees, and animals living on the land. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce your risk by learning about wildfire prevention and mitigation strategies, such as prescribed burning.



How do wildfires start?

Most wildfires are caused by human activities, either accidentally such as escaped debris burns or intentionally, such as arson. Natural fires are started from lightning strikes.

Are all fires bad?

No, prescribed burns are healthy for the woodlands and are generally recommended when conducted in a safe manner. These fires are used to control invasive/undesirable vegetation, enhance wildlife habitat, mitigate wildfire risk, and increase land productivity. Contact your local forester to learn more about prescribed burns.

What happens to a forest ecosystem that's been subjected to a wildfire?

Not only can lives and property be threatened during wildfires, important species can also be harmed. This can negatively affect the woodland’s ecosystem for months and years come.

What are the easiest ways to know if a woodland is wildfire resistant?

Contact your local forester and map out a plan to manage your woodlands.

Who can I contact to learn more about keeping woodlands safe during fire season?

Your local forester can help you manage your land and create a plan to ensure your woodlands are ready for fire season.

What are some simple tactics to safeguard woodlands from wildfires?

Walk your land. Know what plants and species are there, so you can discuss them with your forester; and check for brush that needs to be cleared. Firebreaks can be installed to reduce the risk of wildfire. Always follow and adhere to burn bans. Create firebreaks where wildfire risks from neighboring properties are high and natural breaks such as roads or streams do not exist.

How do I protect my home from wildfire?

There are several actions you can take to mitigate the risk your property faces from wildfire. Creating defensible space around structures, using Firewise landscaping, hardening your structure with non-flammable materials, and creating good access for emergency responders are all important practices.